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At Pupcakes & Pastries, we're dedicated to baking delicious cuisine for you AND your canine companion.  Every treat, bone, morsel, pie, pastry, and criossant we make is created with passion.  Come visit our store and try a sample!  Remember, canine treats are on the LEFT side of the store.  People treats are on the RIGHT side of the store.  The middle section can be enjoyed by both dog AND human.

We promise you won't regret it.

Popular baked Goods/Bones for Pups and Peeps!


Yummy delights from the Barkery!

Cookies for People

Pastries for People and Dogs

Muffins for Dogs

We carefully source all the ingredients, and bake everything by hand in our reknowned bakery.  People come from all over - at least once - to try our delicious goods!


"Umm... yumm" - Ben Browning


"Never had anything like it!"  - Lily Morgan


"Wow.  What is this?!" - Robert 'Doc' Benson


"Woof." - Cupcake the Pomeranian

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